Discovering Your Divine Assignment

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
    Joseph had a dream. He wasn’t clear on it at first and was even hated by his brothers because of it but God had a plan for Joseph and He has one for you. Joseph was to deliver his family one day. This was his assignment.
    To assign means to set apart for a special purpose. You have been set apart for a divine purpose. This is your assignment. It may be misunderstood and some may even disrespect you because of it. Trials, tribulation and temptations will come to move you away from your assignment. We must hold fast to our word during these times.
    The problem God created you to solve on earth is called your assignment. Joseph was a problem solver. He made Potiphar, the warden and Pharaoh successful because he solved their problems. People around Joseph were always better off because of him.
    Problems can be a door to your significance. You too are assigned to solve problems for somebody, somewhere… a healer for someone sick… a lifejacket for someone drowning… a lifter for someone fallen. Mechanics solve car problems. Lawyers solve legal problems. Ministers solve spiritual problems. When you go to work you solve a problem for your employer.
    Problems can reveal your uniqueness. Sometimes your difference helps you identify your assignment much more than your similarity to someone else. The mechanic will be different than the lawyer. If I have a car problem I would not take my car to a lawyer. Embrace your difference.
    Someone should succeed because of you. My assignment is not for my personal survival. As I enable others to succeed, God will make sure I do (…knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free… Eph. 6:8). As I involve my life in others, God gets involved with my life. When the widow of Zarephath focused on the needs of the prophet, God focused on her needs.
    Someone’s future may be in your hands. When Joseph interpreted the dream and revealed the plan to Pharaoh for the famine, the future of multitudes was in his hands. A question we could ask to help identify our assignment is, “Who is surviving today because of you?”
    No assignment is small in God’s eyes. Everybody doesn’t need you but someone does. Your assignment may be to one person like Aaron’s was to Moses or to a group like Moses’ was to Israel. Your assignment is as vital and as important as anyone else’s on earth. Billy Graham could never have done what he did if not for a faithful wife (Ruth). Your assignment may be to only one person but it may have an impact on millions! Whatever your assignment, cultivate excellence in it. Do it right. Complete it. Something big may be the result of it.


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